Who we are


Who we are…

At eSafety, we provide education and awareness to parents, teachers & students on issues surrounding the internet and available technologies. Today, the internet is everywhere around us on mobile phones, games consoles, ipods etc. The internet can be a great resource for children, both in their education and future careers. To deny our children access to the Internet would be a disservice to them. However, it is essential that we equip and prepare them to use the internet appropriately and safely. With relevant, up-to-date teaching on this topic, children can enjoy a more safe and enjoyable surfing experience.

At eSafety, we have put together a variety of presentations to cover Internet Safety for every age level. While the talks cover some of the technical aspects of Internet use, the core focus is on delivering important, easy-to-remember advice that can help the children adopt a safer approach to the Internet from the moment they leave the session.

One thing that’s very important to us is that we emphasise the importance of enjoying, and having fun with the Internet. We encourage the children to explore the Internet in the most open and safe way possible.

“As we once taught our children to safely cross the road we must now help them understand how to negotiate the information superhighway.”

Some of the topics covered include:

  1. Cyber-Bullying – The Importance of online communication & being considerate of others. The three key steps to stopping any cyber-bullying incident.
  2. Social Networks – Safeguarding your private information, accepting friend requests, learning how to use the security settings.
  3. Future Reputations – How everything that we do and say online can have an effect on our reputation.

Work in Schools:

For schools, we also offer a follow-up quiz (free of charge) to test the children’s knowledge of Internet Safety after the talks. This can make for great discussions about what they have learned, and let’s students voice concerns and ideas about how to deal with cyber-bullying.

For some parents and teachers the internet can be an intimidating place. This seminar aims to demonstrate the basics and to bring them clearly through everything from instant messaging to social networking (i.e all the applications their children are using).

We have worked in a range of both Primary and Post-primary schools. To see more about our primary school work click here, to see more about eSafety’s work in Post-primary schools, click here.


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