Kyle Petrie

Kyle, managing director of eSafety, was previously a keynote speaker at a National Parents Conference (NPC) and recently presented at the Irish Principals Network Conference (IPPN).

Kyle has been sharing the message of internet safety in schools since 2007. Following completion of his degree he undertook postgraduate studies in cyber-psychology. He founded eSafety to provide innovative education and awareness seminars and workshops to teachers, students and parents on issues surrounding the internet and available technologies. He believes strongly that there are many incredible ways children can use the new technologies for good, and gives practical advice to ensure their interaction is a positive and safe experience. By empowering teachers and parents to be more comfortable with emerging technologies, he hopes that homes and schools will become safer places for our young people.

Kyle has a strong background in youth work and social justice, having worked on projects in Dublin’s inner city, St Patrick’s young offenders Institution and detention centres abroad to affirm young people through sport and education. He has carried out development work in India, Bulgaria, Palestine, Nepal, Ethiopia and Malawi.

Paul Hickey

Paul has been working with eSafety since 2012 and continues to work as a speaker and content creator. He has worked in the areas of adult literacy, residential care, and in prison with young offenders. Paul has also worked in both video game and film writing.

Simple, effective, positive, and realistic Internet Safety practice is a huge passion for Paul. Paul is currently studying Social Work in Trinity College.

Scott Evans

Scott Evans is the Church of Ireland chaplain to University College Dublin, producer of The Graveyard Shift Podcast and co-founder of Paradoxology, a sacred space for reflection and conversation at Electric Picnic festival.

After completing a BA (Hons) in Applied Theology and Youth & Community Work, he spent eight years in youth and schools work where he pioneered up drop-in centres, set up youth groups, developed internship programs and led school retreats and classes on positive choices, bullying and image and identity. Before taking on the role of chaplain, he spent three years travelling around Ireland, the US and Canada as a speaker at schools, conferences and universities.

He is also the author of 3 books, Closer Still, Beautiful Attitudes and Failing From The Front (& Other Lessons From The Lives of Losers.)

Sadhbh McKenna

Sadhbh has a background in Psychology and currently works as a primary school teacher in Tallaght. Sadhbh has over 7 years teaching experience in primary schools. She has also been teaching professional development courses in ICT to teachers for the past number of years. As both a teacher and a mum, Sadhbh brings a healthy perspective to our information seminars. She has just recently come on board the eSafety team and we are looking forward to what she has to offer.

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