In Home Consultations

In-home Consultations

At eSafety, we go above and beyond to ensure that your family stays as safe as possible online. We offer in-home family eSafety consultations. This is a simple, interactive, consultation in your home with one of our eSafety Consultants who will take your family through our dynamic presentation which includes live demonstrations and customizable topics to tailor the presentation to your families needs. For example, in our live demos, we can do anything from setting up privacy features on social media such as Facebook or Snapchat with your children to online gaming or computer/ tablet settings.

This is what Fergal Molony of Head of Corporate Solutions Ireland had to say about the in-home consultation:

“Paul from eSafety came to my house last Saturday to present to our family, kids aged 7-17. I wanted him to cover the do’s and don’t’s of the internet and social media. He was excellent and related well to all kids. It was good for them to hear it from an independent expert rather than the ‘annoying parents’. The key and current messages of how to avoid dangerous pitfalls with social media were important for them  to hear (and how to ensure security settings are set correctly). At first, my kids were sceptical but by their reaction (or lack of) afterwards I knew it had been very useful. Paul knows his stuff, is practical and interested. I was glad I did it and would recommend it. The benefits may not always be obvious in the short term but given the potential serious consequences we sometimes learn in the papers, Paul’s advice, guidance and manner were well worth it.”

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